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public set in jeopardy. what the leaders have to say. a town outside of cleveland is the latest town asking why their school was attacked. >> it is easy to find common alty. >> a maryland mom who is taking the internet by storm. and cooler tomorrow enjoy the dry weather while you can, a big change on the way. we have the details now. we're talking and looking at your safety. police say people in anne arundel are in trouble. >> they cannot reach an agreement on the contract. >> reporter: this could go to arbitration tomorrow.
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tonight i caught up and the sworn officers can not talk about the negotiations. >> a community activist takes me around brooklyn park where he has lived. the first stop, the house on church street that has signs of what is called arson and hate crime. slurs on the side of the house they are so offensive. >> we can see a decline as the year goes on. >> and he was the president of the neighborhood association where he kept ties to the northern police district. >> we used to have police officers that would come to the community observation meetings. >> they don't show up any more. >> there too busy. >> he talked to us because arguments are banned from doing so while their contract is being negotiated. >> they have expressed they want to have more.
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>> and over the past ten years the county has brought in 50,000 new residents. but the number is down by one. and dave daughters has two sons. >> they are busy handling calls, calls, calls, they don't get out and patrol. >> and the associations are underway a spokesperson would only give this statement. everyone has seen pay reductions and decreases over the past couple of years. >> and we have seen the crime decrease. it is our top priority. >> every county employee saw a reduction. >> you have to make cuts, the administrative end and benefits end should take them quicker. >> they are part of a different union from the fop represented with the brotherhood of police
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officers they are negotiating with the county. if they don't come to an agreement by tomorrow they could move to arbitration. >> and the latest now out of ohio where darkness has taken over but the memory will not be erased. a typical monday and parents could not get hold of their children fast enough. an attack that left friends laying all over the place. >> there are no words to describe it, there is nothing. he pulled a gun out. i saw the one drop. i ran. >> this is just in the teen accused in the shooting attended a school for at risk students t was 16-miles from where the it was 16-miles from the high
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school. and a big man who protects kids from the blacktop. he was not safe in afghanistan. he was not supposed to come home this way. the teacher was shot to death this past weekend in afghanistan by a soldier thought to be friendly with the u.s. forces. the 48-year-old man from gardenville was married with four children and a grandson. it is quiet out there for now t will be a cool -- it will be a cooler start. a cold front coming through as we speak t is not fog to bring any rain but will drop the temperatures across all of maryland now. temperatures in 590s. 51 in baltimore. 53 in dct winds will be -- the winds will be changing.
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not so warm tomorrow. clouds increase tomorrow night. we'll talk about the chance for rain when it comes in midweek. the mayor wants to peel the top off more but those against it are saying to bought lid on it. the bottle tax returns to the halls of controversy. it comes down to the kids. >> reporter: this time the mayor said she is tying the increase to the beverage tax to funding to rebuild the crumbling schools. they are all for helping them. they are forced out of business. baltimore city's two cent per beverage bottle tax has not been in effect and already the mayor said the time has come to more than double it. the bill came before the council along with a commonon bill that ties the money to city school renovation projects. >> i understand the arguments of both sides, i know the schools need to have leverage and the money that will be and
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to leverage bonds that we need to float. >> the tax would increase the cost of soda by nearly a dollar and it would barely scratch the surface to repair all the schools $2.8 billion according to the aclu report. >> and talking about tonight some money that would help us leverage part of that. >> it is in the millions not the billions. >> that's why grocers are again being targeted. >> it needs improvements. >> i thought there was money for the schools. where has that been going. >> a huge undertaking that relies in part on raising the beverage tax and promise to have it expire completely after three years. >> i'm not inflexible f there
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are ways it strengthen the legislation to help the level the playing field, i'm willing to take a look at those. at the end of the day we need revenue on the table. >> and the bills were introduced. it ties the ref eye to school construction and has eight cosponsors garning it will pass through the council. and the next will be the finance and economic development committee. christian schaffer, abc news. time could be running out for the carosel in baltimore's inner harbor. the development corporation had given the family that runs it until tomorrow to cease operations and they have been ordered to remove it by the end of the month. and the owner violated the lease by not paying rent. a family member said they are looking into options. >> we have options going on f you have been to bel air you can tell harford is getting
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big, big enough to support a convention center, that's an idea floating around now. sport minds will talk about this. >> move the county to the next level with respect to economic development. marketing. tourism opportunities. >> you know you go to the stadium and the ball room and the mall but where would you put the convention center? >> bob thomas said it will not put a burden on taxpayers and it is one idea. >> well you can call a haul of namer. and the public schools paul of name 367890 years and retired for nearly as long. he was first a teacher then the is very exciting. it is unbelievable. >> you don't think of things
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like this. >> and during the meeting and a school was saluted and more was recognized for the gifted and talented education program. >> how about that. >> that's great, 3 0 years on the job. the world is getting smaller as things like facebook and twit remember bigger. >> for many of us the conveniences let us create and go our own social neighborhoods. >> we can share. >> a mom turned into more than she bargained for. we have the story tonight. >> it is a dream, the magic of a child. >> this is more like reality. when the reality sets in. who can you talk to. >> it is easy to find common alty. >> reporter: and she is known better as the scary mommy.
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she launched a blog site with the name and not to help fellow moms but hold herself more accountable as a parent. >> my first two kids i was terrible about keeping books and track of first steps and i apologized and said i have like another project yet again for you to follow along with. it will last a couple of months. that was then, this now. >> it has a million visits, 33,000 likes on facebook and 200,000 followers. >> i have people in north korea and it baffled me. it is a funny thing to put yourself out there. andky log on to my site and see say there 500 people. >> the advice and observations and discussions are not fluffy bunnies.
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>> i'm a frank person. >> and. >> it is a full contact sport. >> andky not relate to a parent who has never sworn at their child. maybe it was an accident i would never intentionally swear at my children. >> and moving on to books. >> and it is april third. and it is essays and everything from my experience and throats being pregnant through child birth, coming home. >> and she will maintain scary mommy for the future but does know it will evolve. >> as i do about my kids and the road of parenthood.
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>> i love doing it. >> helping them maintain a sense of humor and maybe sanity and reminding them all along. >> and the neighborhoods are not just for moms, group 1600 dads taking part in a group. baltimore dads. and it was founded years ago and says the response continues to grow. >> there were groups everywhere so we shook the trees and got them together. the idea was if we're doing this for five years, might as well have some guys here. >> some good guys fell out of the tree. >> the dad use it to bounce parenting ideas off, schedule play dates and get together for dad's days. >> if you want to check this
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out go to our web site. i know a lot of scary mommys out there. and we'll help you out and trim your cell phone bill. >> you are five steps away from saving. the first one is simple. >> a girl find as condom on the playground. what do you think she did with it. and picking apart the women on the bachelor. see if you agree with what she says. we're back in 60 seconds. ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ]
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[ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts. new at 11. don't say it t has happened again. another troubled cruise ship. and it ran aground last month off the coast of italy. and a fire in a gen rater room left it stranded. the company sent a tug boat throughout to rescue the ship. 1000 people are on board. they are all safe.
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and a student in colorado is getting tested for stds after making a discovery. she found a condom and thought it was a balloon. after playing with it she put it in her pocket. her father is worried she may have contracted a disease. >> my concern is not knowing if it was used. this is the scarest thing. >> and the chances are slim. there was a letter sent home saying they walk the grounds but they don't know why the workers did not find the condom. another day, another hike in gas prices. the average for a gallon of regular went up a penny. this is the 20th straight day the gas prices have gone up. the average is 370 and you think that's bad. look what the we found in
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queen's new york. 5:49, i said that. and that's in queens. >> and you have probably done research on line. can you trust the user generated web sites. >> some of the hotels post reviews and then negative of competitors. >> we're helping you figure out fact from fiction when it comes to the reviews. look for quantity, the more and. find a variety of reviews. and third try to find reviews from travelers like you people in the age group and share the common interests. you text, e-mail and sometimes you use your phone to
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make a call. it can break the bank. >> and you don't have to pay as much as you are now. >> and we have five days to cut down so you don't waste your money. >> what was 50-dollar as month and for many people. and the rates mean it is higher. there are ways to save. more than half the cell phone users have a sticker shock. >> it is 100 a month. >> our three phones and about 300 a month. >> but they may be able to cut those bills. and verizon's laura merritt said check to see if you are paying for more minutes than you need. >> after looking at a couple of months of bills, you can see
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you from paying for a plan that offers more voice minutes. >> we're finding that people are talking but not as much as they used to. >> trim your voice minutes. down load the video on wifi. it can use 350 mega bites of data. >> turn off the e-mail alerts and burn up the data. >> do you need it pushed to your device. if you don't, go in and switch to manual. >> especially if you have children with smart phones. >> and it is a long way. >> they think we're prepaid. it is this 1980 brick phone. that's not the case. and it means no surprises. >> that's the great part.
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you don't have to worry about going over. it you pay for what you get. >> you may be getting extras you don't need like road side assistance or insurance or could you find out about a discount bund believe that you may be eligible for. bottom line you don't have to go back to last decade's flip phone. but do you need to spend time online or on your phone to look at your use and your charges. make some changes you do not waste your money. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> what a way to head back to work. in the 60s. >> a nice view. and. under a clear sky.
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and sunset. getting longer. and the day is getting longer. and watch the moon come down. there you go. over the bridge, how is that. >> and crystal clear. we expect to be dry. temperatures in 590s. it's as warm as we get. knocking on the door. 32. that's because they are in the mountains that's the front pushing into the western edge of the state. the winds shifting and they're out of the south and maryland and the shore. that northwest wind in extreme western maryland that's the cooler air that's coming in and making a difference. they will be 15 degrees cooler tomorrow and not looking for the 06s. that's for sure. we may get into the and perhaps
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the mid-50s. clear skies and a delay sunny and nice looking february day. and the same deal anne arundel and pg. low 50s. and a bit of a breeze. we're so clear tonight across the area. you can see the moon over the bridge. and across the east very little weather on the horizon. things will change but in the meantime a bit of a mild breeze. cold dry breezes come in. a fairly benign pattern. but a new system. you can see although it is quiet around here on tuesday. cooler. here we go 10 a.m. we expect through the middle part of the day to get decent rain. it ill -- it will be north of us. >> a second round could come
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in. a better and schooler tay on wednesday. neighbor never out of the 40s. >> a light breeze. and people going 52. that's the cool off and a sunny day. coat, sunglasses deal. tomorrow night down to the 30s. the outlook here the rest of the week, the coolest day and february 29 and the day of the month deal. 46 there. we're back in the 50s to the first days of march. and kicking off some rain. >> the bachelor is on tv. >> this one screaming are they kissing again? now caught in a twitter war. what person is adding fuel to the flames. >> and a look at what is coming up after the news. >> again, bill. >> and a shooting in a quiet town. somehow a teacher risked his
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i feel like a fool. >> the first love. >> bachelor and remember trista. she has take ton twitter to attack the way that some of the women are acting. >> you know we use the term there for the right reason as lot. i think that the reaps have
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changed along the way. >> she is married to ryan. they are a normal couple. she blogs and has a clothing line now. >> i'm with her. >> tomorrow we'll know the stars stepping on the dance floor for season 14 of dancing with the stars. and the view host, mel says gilbert and jack wagner. the aofficial announcement will be made tomorrow on gma. >> there you go. how about robin roberts. >> she will be there. >> there may be a chance. >> it is the season. >> a quick check tomorrow a cooler day but plenty of sunshine. you have to call this nice february weather. rain coming in wednesday into thursday. enjoy the dry stuff tomorrow.
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the roster comes out. >> the official one. >> we'll be watching. >> there are a couple of surprises we know that. >> have a great evening.
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